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Undermount Sinks Suitable for a 600mm Cabinet

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Blanco Andano 340/180-U
Blanco Andano 500-U
Blanco Claron 500-U
Blanco Claron 500-U Durinox
Blanco Claron 550-U
Blanco Claron XL 60-U
Blanco Essential 530-U
Blanco Etagon 500-U Ceramic Sink
Blanco Subline 350/150-U Ceramic   Sink
Blanco Subline 500-U Ceramic Sink
Blanco Supra 500-U
Blanco Supreme 533-U
Blanco Z-Style 340/180-IFU
Blanco Z-Style 500-IFU
Blanco Z-Style XD 550-IFU
Blanco Zerox 340/180-U
Blanco Zerox 500-U
Blanco Zerox 550-U