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Shaws of Darwen Ceramic Kitchen Sinks

Shaws Kitchen Sinks

Inspired design and superb craftmanship are combined in the Shaws ceramic kitchen sink collection to create both a traditional and elegant range of fireclay ceramic sinks. You will find an array of original and contemporary designs and details, which are unique in fireclay ceramics, designed to look and feel beautiful, whilst perfectly performing the task they were made for. Accompanying each sink is a certificate of authenticity, verifying the product's handmade quality, signed by the craftsman who produced it.

As practical now as a century ago, a Shaws is a sink of substance, which will add warmth and personality to any kitchen.

All Shaws sinks (which require one) come with a chrome overflow in the box - should you choose to purchase Gold basket strainer wastes, these overflows will be changed to gold for you free of charge.

Many Shaws of Darwen sinks are subject to extended delivery lead times. Please call to confirm stock ahead of placing an order, and order well in advance.

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Shaws Bowland 600 Ceramic Sink
Shaws Bowland 800 Ceramic Sink
Shaws Butler 1000 Ceramic Sink
Shaws Butler 600 Ceramic Sink
Shaws Butler 800 Ceramic Sink
Shaws Butler 900 Ceramic Sink
Shaws Double 1000 Ceramic Sink
Shaws Double 800 Ceramic Sink
Shaws Edgworth Ceramic Sink
Shaws Egerton Ceramic Sink
Shaws Entwistle Ceramic Sink
Shaws Longridge Ceramic Sink
Shaws Pendle Ceramic Sink
Shaws Pennine Ceramic Sink
Shaws Ribchester 1000 Ceramic Sink
Shaws Shaker 600 Ceramic Sink
Shaws Shaker 800 Single Ceramic Sink
Shaws Shaker Double 900 Ceramic Sink
Shaws Waterside 800 Ceramic Sink
Shaws Whitehall Ceramic Sink