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Perrin & Rowe Tap Finishes

Perrin & Rowe have a great range of tap finishes, which come classed as either their standard or their special finishes.

Perrin & Rowe Standard Finishes
CHROME is the hardest wearing an most durable finish, and has been electroplated to the main brass of the tap body.
A reflective brilliant silver finish and requires the least day to day maintenance.  Chrome is best cleaned with water and a cloth.
It is still advised to avoid commercial cleaning products which may contain corrosive chemicals.

NICKEL is a more delicate finish and can change in time depending on its environment. It again is a shiny reflective finish
electroplated to the brass body, but features a subtle sepia/champagne like colour. Very popular in traditional kitchens.
As with chrome, water and a cloth is best used for cleaning.

PEWTER is a brushed and matt finish nickel, and is the most popular finish when pairing up to stainless steel sinks or appliances.
It is also important to note that the way light reflects from the curved surfaces of this tap, and the flat surfaces of sinks,
an identical matching finish is seldom achieved. Pewter can be re-invigorated with the use of a pewter pad available directly from
Perrin and Rowe.

Perrin & Rowe Special Finishes

GOLD is again a reflective electroplated finish, which has been produced from 24 carat gold, and as such needs to be handled
with care and treated as though it was a piece of jewellery. Traditional kitchens used to be the environment, but it is now becoming seen
in some beautiful contemporary designs.
Warm water and a non-abrasive liquid soap and dried with a chamois leather cloth. The plating can be scratched or become
discoloured from perfumes contained in soaps and lotions over time and may wear on the handle section.

ENGLISH BRONZE is another delicate finish which has been created using a high quality baked on lacquer finish.
The finish is the darkest in the Perrin & Rowe range and has orange / brown tinges of colour. Cleaning is best done with a liquid soap and warm water.
This surface can scratch, so care should be taken at all times.

The three BRASS finishes are described as living finishes, and these will alter in appearance over time by creating their own patina as they react to the environment.
Each will be unique and are perfect for a traditional or vintage look.

POLISHED BRASS is raw and unlacquered, and is hand polished to give it an initial shiny finish. Clean with water and a soft cloth. 
To restore the original sheen, occasionally give it a very light polish with Brasso.

SATIN BRASS is again raw and unlacquered, but this finish is brushed so it is matt in appearance. Clean with water and a soft cloth. 
To restore the original look, use a Pewter Pad available from Perrin and Rowe.

AGED BRASS is again raw and unfinished and as a living finish will, like the other brass finishes change in appearance over time.