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Instant Hot Taps

The Perrin & Rowe Instant Hot tap collection offer the very latest in design and technology, to be right up with the best at delivering steaming hot water to you in the kitchen. Able to deliver water at higher temperatures than many of the boiling water taps advertised as such, this is the one we would choose at Inderkitchen for our kitchen. The secret is with the zero run off and spit free delivery. Having a smooth single flow of water helps it retain temperature right into your cup.

Available in a range of styles offering stand alone dispensers or innovative 3-in-1 designs, and the complete range of eight finishes is possible.

The taps are all supplied as a complete kit, allowing you to have up to 98°C steaming hot water as soon as they are fitted. All you will need is a bit of plumbing know-how, a few tools and a standard 13amp plug socket. The tanks supplied hold 2.4 litres, and supply water that has been subjected to the latest in water filtration technology. The tanks require 1.5 bar to run from and you can dispense at temperatures ranging from 75°C to 98°C.
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