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Blanco Kitchen Taps

Blanco Kitchen Taps, Monobloc Taps, Pull-Out Spray Taps, Cruciform Taps, Single Lever Taps

One of the finest collections of kitchen taps available, the Blanco kitchen tap range features everything from the traditional to right up to date innovative kitchen tap designs. Traditional taps such as the Blanco Cleo, and the Blanco Prinz rub shoulders with the fantastically innovative Blanco Saga where the flow and temperature are operatered by a simple pull and twist sleeve on the spout. The taps across the range feature the same heritage, they are quality, precision instruments and all feature a 5 year guarantee on moving and working parts.

Please note, all of our stock is Blanco UK, and not shipped in from overseas. This means all the plumbing and connections are to UK spec. Also, if the need arises to return your item, because we are based right here, in Southampton, England, no expensive, and risky overseas return shipping is required. Our online payment processors are the latest technology, and your purchase is governed by all the relevant UK laws. Please be wary of Blanco taps coming into the UK from overseas businesses.

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Blanco Ambassador Kitchen Tap
Blanco Ambis Kitchen Tap
Blanco Arti Kitchen Tap
Blanco Avona Kitchen Tap
Blanco Avona-S Kitchen Tap
Blanco Camia Kitchen Tap
Blanco Candor Kitchen Tap
Blanco Candor-S Kitchen Tap
Blanco Carena Kitchen Tap
Blanco Carena-S Vario Kitchen Tap
Blanco Catris-S Kitchen Tap
Blanco Culina-S Kitchen Tap
Blanco Culina-S Mini Kitchen Tap
Blanco Ellipse Kitchen Tap
Blanco Eloscope-F II Kitchen Tap
Blanco Emir Chrome Kitchen Tap
Blanco Envoy Kitchen Tap
Blanco Eye Kitchen Tap
Blanco Fleet Kitchen Tap
Blanco Fontas-S II Kitchen Filter Tap
Blanco Galaxy-S Kitchen Tap
Blanco Herald Kitchen Tap
Blanco Jamia Kitchen Tap
Blanco Jurena Kitchen Tap
Blanco Lamia Kitchen Tap
Blanco Lanora-S Kitchen Tap
Blanco Linee-S Kitchen Tap
Blanco Linus Kitchen Tap
Blanco Linus-S Kitchen Tap
Blanco Livia-S Kitchen Tap
Blanco Loop Kitchen Tap
Blanco Max Kitchen Tap
Blanco Mida-S Kitchen Tap
Blanco Mila-S Kitchen Tap
Blanco Mode Kitchen Tap
Blanco Panera-S Kitchen Tap
Blanco Silk Kitchen Tap
Blanco Solenta-S Kitchen Tap
Blanco Solenta-S Senso Kitchen Tap
Blanco Spirex Kitchen Tap
Blanco Tempera Hot
Blanco Vicus Bridge Kitchen Tap
Blanco Viu-S  Kitchen Tap
Blanco Vonda Kitchen Tap