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Shaws Kitchen Sinks

Traditional craftsmanship for over 100 years.

Shaws have been manufacturing fireclay sinks for over 100 years, using time honoured traditional methods and materials. Each sink crafted today is an individual product, bearing testament to the craftsmen who produce them.

Shaws ceramic sinks demonstrate the natural characteristics of fireclay ceramics and are created by a slip casting process at their factory in the Lancashire town of Darwen. A mixture of clay and water is poured by hand into a porous mould. When the newly formed sinks are dry enough, craftsmen remove them from their moulds before hand finishing the sinks through a process of sponging and fettling to create a smooth finish.

Following a gradual drying period of up to 40 hours, the sinks are then prepared with a ground coat before being glazed. Firing in specially designed kilns at temperatures of up to 1200 degrees centigrade completes this rigorous process.

Whilst modern technology has improved manufacturing conditions over the years, the principles of this handcrafted product remain the same. Each sink is proudly signed with the impression of its maker and bears its own distinctive badge. Traditional craftsmanship is as important now as it was in 1897.

Please note, that due to the firing process, all dimensions may vary +/-2%. Inderkitchen recommend in all cases that the actual sink supplied is used as the template for fitting. Warranties for these sinks are provided by Shaws of Darwen against manufacturing defects, and sink failures due to the manufacturing process. Essentially, the sinks are a natural product and not indestructible - they can chip if subjected to a sharp impact. Chip repair kits can be purchased through the manufacturer. 

Shaws of Darwen