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Blanco Stainless Steel Inset Kitchen Sinks

Stainless steel differs from most materials in that it can be integrated into almost any kitchen environment. Its most important properties

  • Classic-timeless aesthetics
  • Does not rust
  • Completely heat resistant
  • Hygenic and suitable for food preparation
  • Stain and acid resistant
  • Easy to care for.

Blanco uses only the highest quality stainless steel to meet the most exacting requirements.

Please note, all of our stock is Blanco UK, and not shipped in from overseas. This means all the plumbing and connections are to UK spec. Also, if the need arises to return your item, because we are based right here, in Southampton, England, no expensive, and risky overseas return shipping is required. Our online payment processors are the latest technology, and your purchase is governed by all the relevant UK laws. Please be wary of Blanco sinks coming into the UK from overseas businesses.

Blanco In Cabinet Waste Holders

Blanco Select II 50/2 Waste Container

£294.95 £357.60
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Blanco Select II 60/3 Waste Container

£307.95 £393.60
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Blanco Select II 60/2 Waste Container

£297.95 £381.60
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Blanco Select II 60/2 Orga Waste Container

£389.95 £501.60
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