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Triflow Concepts Filter Taps
Triflow Concepts Filtered Water kitchen taps are uniquely an 'in house' operation, from concept design right through to logistics, Triflow Concepts control the whole production process. Now, one of the largest brassware manufacturers in the UK, they employ a highly skilled workforce who use the most technologically advanced machinery available to enable the production of a range of expertly crafted taps, unmatched in design, quality and attention to detail. 

The Triflow system enables hot and cold, along with filtered water which is fed through a dedicated waterway all through the same spout - ensuring no cross contamination.

The ceramic filters used in Triflow Concepts taps is one of the most highly regarded available throughout the world. Swiss made, the cartridge is made from sintered diatomaceous earth with the added bonus of silver, known for its bactericidal action, and is able to eliminate particles down to 0.2 microns. To the layman, this is equates to 0.0002mm. After that, the water is passed through activated carbon, the electro-positive charge within this structure draws the remainder of any contaminants , due to their negative ions. The result, crystal clear, contaminant free drinking water through your kitchen tap.